The New Jefferson Arms

The World's Largest McDonald's Ever.

A complete remodel

You asked and we listened. St. Louis is the #1 consumer of McDonald's in the entire world. Consuming nearly 5x the amount of McDonald's as the average person.

1st Floor

8 Public Seating Areas and 12 Private

The first floor of The New Jefferson Arms building will be split into 20 separate dining lounges. Choose from 8 different public sitting areas, or if you have the McJeffersonArms™ card, choose one of the 12 different private club seating areas.

With 18,603 square feet of space on the first floor, each dining lounge averages almost 1,000 square foot per lounge.

Each public dining lounge will contain 2 self serve stations and 2 cashiers. There will also be a McFastPass™ line where McJeffersonArms™ card holders will have priority over the public customers.

2nd Floor

The McDonald's Recreational Floor

An official NBA court will span throughout the entire 2nd floor with full stadium seating extending into the 3rd floor.

The 31st professional NBA team will make their debute here at The New Jefferson Arms as the McJefferson Army™.

The McJefferson Army™ will be the first NBA team comprised of all fast food employees legally employed by McDonald's.

Old Plan

New Plan

3rd Floor

The McDonald's Recreational Floor Continued

Unfortunately, as the interior decorating and overall architecture is severely outdated, we found this floor to be the perfect candidate to gut and use as the fan stadium seating for the NBA basketball court located on the 2nd floor.

Is that a swan? We hate swans.

4th Floor

The Employee Residential Suites

Employees never have to worry about being late for work again! All employees are mandated and have the exclusive opportunity to obtain occupancy on the 4th floor employee residential suites.

All floor plans are 4 persons per dorm each with their own private sleeping space.

5th Floor

The In-House Slaughterhouse

Fresh, never frozen. Our new motto we just came up with and we plan to take it literally.

6th Floor

6th floor is haunted. We couldn't do any developments on this floor.

7th Floor

The Ronald McDonald Mega Church

McJesus Christ died for our sins. No medical doctor in the world has the ability to unclog your arteries after eating here so we are going to have to try reaching out to the spiritual realm for some assistance.

8th Floor

Super Marty World

We love games like Mario and Sonic so we developed the whole 8th floor into a theme park dedicated to them. Unfortunately due to copyright issues we couldn't license their names or images. Say hello to your favorite gaming characters like Marty, Louie, and Sonny the Hedge Fund Manager.